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Our Policy Calculator will help you determine the cash value of converting your life insurance policy through a life settlement with PolicyOptions.
Life settlements are complex legal and financial transactions. We guide the process smoothly to ensure clients get the maximum amount of money quickly, with no hassles or headaches. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like a free consultation.
The qualification process through PolicyOptions is simple just six easy steps and does not require a health exam. The entire process usually can be completed in several weeks.

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If you have owned a life insurance policy for many years, chances are it could provide you greater financial freedom as a life settlement. A life settlement allows you to convert your policy to cash and rid yourself of expensive premium payments. You can use the money for whatever you like: pursue a dream, travel, fund senior living community expenses, help a grandchild with college tuition or contribute to a charitable cause.

PolicyOptions is a leading life settlement brokerage. We can help you unlock the potential of your life insurance asset and get the greatest amount of money possible — all in a pleasant, streamlined manner.

Find the facts with PolicyOptions and use your power to choose.

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